Research paper topics: education and more

research paper topics
Essay writing is kind of a special approach for the development of writing skills of students. It involves as well:

– the necessity of analytical thinking,

– thorough research,

– ability to organize the thoughts in a logical order, and

– special concentration on what you are writing.

Though, everything starts with choosing a topic. Research topic list is probably the first what the students are willing to find when thinking to start their work on the essay. So further in the article you will find really good research topic examples for your consideration.

The written assignments should be concentrated on making a certain minimum amount of paragraphs or pages within the word limit as well as checking the ability of the student to fulfill the work by the established deadline. The feedback of professors will be based also on correct grammar and orthography. Though, the value of selecting an interesting and impressing topic is also really hard to overestimate. The properly chosen topic benefits for the better paper perception and, thus, for a nice grade as a result.

The topic should appeal both for the writer and for his or her readers. When a topic is interesting for you as a writer you will be motivated to do the task in the best way. When the topic is touching the issues that are valuable for the reader, it also adds the points to the essay.

Of course, the topic should be widely opened in the paper itself and, vice versa, you need to orientate on your topic and paper title throughout the initial writing and developing of the arguments in your paper.

Essays on education are great way to get to know the attitude of students towards studying and not only. Such papers show the personal abilities of this or that student to:

– present the information,

–  analyze the issues and / or facts, and

– discuss upon importance or applicability of propositions, etc.

For majority of essays expressing your own opinion is extremely important, thus research paper topics for college students, if selected properly, should correspond to the issues that you either:

– know and able to discuss about, or

– willing to get to know more during the research, or

– you know that the material you are going to present is important.

It is even better if all of the mentioned above components will take place when you are deciding about the topic for your paper.

The list of educational research topics for college students

The present list of topics is advisable but probably you will need to adapt the title of your paper to suit your needs or paper requirements the best. Still, the topics presented below can be interesting enough to motivate you for essay writing as well as suitable for:

– making your research interesting,

– including discussion to your paper,

– raising the interest of the readers in the topic you are going to write about.

Top 10 research topics that you may use

– Euthanasia: who should decide for or against?

– Should medicine or cosmetic firms make the experiments on animals?

– Should specialized NGOs make critics to stop abortion?

– Does donating organs for money still mean something charitable?

– How sexual education at colleges should be organized?

– Can violence on TV be stopped forever?

– The effects of tobacco ads

– Should immigration laws stay the same or be changed?

– Gun control policies and current reality

– Shall sport be so commercialized as currently?

Some unique research paper ideas by spheres

Youth and teenagers

– What can make stress for modern young people?

– What measures should be taken for the students to be motivated to study?

– What if to increase the number of school subjects: pros and cons?

– Should school administrations collect the information about sexual violence at premises and / or take measures by themselves?

– What if contraceptives be advertised at schools?

– Pros and cons of year-round schools’ functioning

Ads in the media sources

– Is it fair if due to ads in the media and not due to real actions the political leaders become more popular?

– Is it necessary to fight against sexism in media sources?

– What if the government takes control over advertising: will it be beneficial?

– Should tobacco and alcohol ads be stopped at all?

– Is there a real result when the community activists raise the question of censorship on TV?

Social Issues

– Should former criminals be eligible for social aids?

– Is it essential to make HIV and drug tests obligatory?

– Is poverty one of the reasons of committing the crimes?

– Can hunting be necessary for some reasons or in some regions?


– What if the government nationalizes the airlines?

– Is person often being judged by the car he or she has?

– Shall the minimum age for obtaining a driver’s license be reduced in a modern society?

– Can the speed limits on the highways be increased in case of large number of drivers makes the appropriate claim for the government?


– Whose interest can touch the popularization of the medicines for after drinking effect versus popularization of healthy lifestyle?

– How to motivate the patients who cured from some hard diseases like cancer on HIV to share their thoughts about curing to the others?

– How the issue of medical care for the illegal immigrants should be addressed?

– Can a homosexual person have right to be a military?

– Are Native Americans treated well and fairly in the reservations?


– How violent computer games and toys affect the children’s psychic?

– Is it possible to prevent going overseas for the purpose of adoption?

– What are the benefits for kids in communicating more with their grandparents?

– How the parents can ensure that they have chosen a responsible babysitter for their child?

– What can prevent children from having and remembering the nightmares?


– Should the fire arms be obligatory registered by the policemen and private owners?

– The effects of long-lasting repairs on the roads, in city centers and close to the communes of residence

– The pros and cons of legalized prostitution

– Research about community problems in your own country or city

– How the separate individuals can benefit for environmental protection

– How did global warming or ozone holes affect the environmental situation in your region?

– The importance of united efforts of society for protection of environment

– The role of autonomic states within the country

Food, health and consumer connected issues

– Pros and cons of “fast food” kind of alimentation in the life of a modern person

– The role of electronic devices in the life of humanity

– Should calling homes with the advertising purposes be prohibited?

– Are the companies that produce famous brands fairly add value to the price of their products?

– Can the cash be abandoned in future?

– Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards

Current events

– How the teachers be awarded for their impact to people development (on the example of Japan)

– Is it possible to improve the security of car, train and air transportation?

– Can the heroes of modern days obtain such fame as their famous predecessors of the previous centuries?

– How can the situation be improved if not all modern youth idols bring up nice qualities in the young people?

Customs / Traditions and Society

– Research he customs, traditions, famous sayings of the country you are interested in

– Shall such holidays like Halloween be popularized all over the world?

– What to do with the problem of smoking in public places?

– Can tattoos be considered as art?

– How the value of marriage has changed nowadays

– How fashion styles have changed with ages

– Small kiosks on the street versus hypermarkets

– Is China a new superpower?

– Are social care programs hard to implement?

– The role of First Ladies for the development of the countries together with their presidential husbands

The Environment and Pollution

– Acid rains and their causes

– Noise pollution in the big cities

– The benefits of recycling

– Is being vegetarian means being healthy?

– The importance of rain forests’ preservation


– Should the parents be taught how to bring up children?

– How divorce influences the children

– Marriages of same sex individuals

– How the family concepts differs for different countries and continents

– The best age to give birth

– Wearing fur coats versus animal protection

– Should the school uniforms be required?


– Food in the consensus of different religious beliefs

– Research the favorite dishes in the country of your interest

– What are the common food myths?

– Organic food and its popularization

– Eating disorders: how to prevent and / or cope with

The future of humanity

– Should there be the joint countries’ projects for exploring space and the other planets?

– Are the facts about UFOs views real?

– Solar, wind and water energy: can they dominate somehow in future?

– Will all the people work from home soon?

– In how long time the robots can replace majority of modern human professions?

– Will the Earth be overpopulated soon?

– Will ever majority of citizens be able to cite the constitution of their country?

– Why terrorism attacks became nearly regular nowadays?


– Can the risks of organ transplants be more than the benefits?

– Hunger problem in certain countries

– The effects of illegal operations in medical industry

– Caffeine and its effect on your health

– Pros and cons of bodybuilding

– Can some people overestimate the needed health care for their lives?


– Isn’t the American Dream a commonly popularized myth?

– The meanings of: success, love, trust, truth, honor, etc.

– Can there be a lying for sake?

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