Should it be illegal to use animals for sports and entertainment?

Using animals essay

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Today, different animals are largely involved in both sport and entertainment industries. We know such cultural traditions such as fox hunting in the UK and bullfighting in Spain, as well as horse and dog racing around the world, not to mention animals at circuses. These are all examples of how we use animals for our entertainment. Opinions are divided about the ways we treat and use animals for entertainments and sports competitions.

Circus with animals goes back to ancient Rome, where the first performances with wild animals used to take place in the arena of the theater of death, the Coliseum. In the Middle Ages, the performances with trained animals became popular again along with the public executions. Each time, watching how tigers jump through a burning hoop, bears ride bicycles, etc., viewers think about how smart animals are, and, most importantly, with what pleasure they do all these tricks. But if people knew what was going on behind the scenes of the circus, they would never take their children there.

Hunting looks like a business for cowards. A man with a disorganized mentality considers himself as a real man, knowing how to hunt and kill the weak and unprotected animals. The pathological passion for killing animals turns an ordinary man into a serial animal murderer.

Corrida is cruel entertainment, a public torment with the bull and a common enjoy of its murder. The outcome of the battle is always known. Even before the bull enters the arena, everyone knows that it will be killed. In 1998, the European community condemned the bullfighting and forbade giving it the status of a cultural event.

It is believed that zoos make people close to nature and animals and save rare species from extinction. But, as practice shows, the animals are served for cruel entertainment, educating children to be indifferent and consumer-oriented towards the world around. Zoos are existing rather for the commercial goals of the organizers and contribute to the disappearance of animals.

The horse competitions have the purposes to earn money for the breeder and win fame for the owner. The horses are doomed to a miserable, cruel existence during the short years of their lives. Having passed the peak of their physical development, after taking part in several exhausting competitions, they finish the way in the slaughterhouse.

Of all the animals, involved in the entertainment industry, the marine mammals suffer the most painfully from the captivity. Dolphins move in nature due to the echolocation, or the reflection of sound signals from solid objects, so the closed space of the pools literally drives them crazy. Keeping these beautiful animals for commercial purposes in the close is a savagery.

Funny US Laws about Animals

The rights of animals in the US are well protected. For example, in Hollywood, no one can forbid a farmer to hold up to two thousand sheep along the famous Hollywood Boulevard. In San Francisco, horse owners can leave his dung at intersections, if only the heap of manure does not exceed two meters in height. And in Florida for parking an elephant it is forbidden to take more money than for the car parking.

In Pennsylvania, for example, car drivers driving at night on rural roads are required to stop every mile, release a signal and continue driving only ten minutes afterward, making sure that there are no pets or cattle on the road.

In the city of Denver, Colorado, the owners of cats are obliged to provide their pets with headlights for night walks. In Oklahoma, citizens carrying an aquarium with fish in public transport must first remove fish from the aquarium and then board the bus. It is not necessary to pour water out of the aquarium. The dogs of this state, gathering in groups of three or more, are required a special permission from the city authorities for this.

In Alabama, Arizona, and Georgia it is strictly forbidden to keep donkeys in the bathroom, and in Arkansas, the crocodiles are forbidden to be kept in the bathtub. In Georgia, you can not tie giraffes to lampposts. Sovereign laws in Michigan forbid to kill dogs using decompression cameras.