Simple rules how to write an abstract

What is an abstract and why it’s important

What is an abstract

When you are required to write this document for your paper, you may think what does abstract mean, and why you should create this work. Usually online databases allow readers to search articles by abstracts. So, this document helps people to find your work and define if they should read the whole paper after discovering the abstract. Needless to say that you have to put all important information into this paper, so the more correct you will do this job, the more readers that are interested in your article, will be able to find and read the whole document. Writing an abstract is not a complicated thing, but you should know main rules to create it properly.

Abstract definition, types, format and rules to write

Abstract definition

According to the definition of abstract, this is a short summary of your paper that help readers to understand what’s your work about before reading the whole document.
There are three types of this document:

– Informative — this kind of paper works as an overview for your research paper, highlighting the importance of the work to the readers.
– Descriptive — this work describes the goal and purpose of your paper and provide the readers with methods used in it. Usually it is around 100-200 words length.
– Critical — in this paper the whole work is discussed to the writer’s own research.
So, how to write an abstract and what important moments you shouldn’t miss? Read our tips and create a good paper. In general, your abstract should consist of five parts:

  1. The main reason of writing your work. Think why your work is so much important for the readers and why they should read the entire paper.
  2. State the problem of your paper — explain to the readers the issue you studied in your work.
  3. State the methods of your research.
  4. Describe the results of your study.
  5. Finish your work, briefly summarizing facts.

Another important thing is how to choose the abstract format for your work. In this article we are going to define what is an abstract in APA style and how to create a good paper. So, these are the main rules:

  1. Each and every page of your work should have a page header, or a running head. This is the short version of your paper’s title.
  2. Use 12-pt well-readable font, better to use Times New Roman, of course if your professor or teacher didn’t require else. Better to ask your teacher about your work’s font, if there is nothing said about it in instructions.
  3. Make sure all your text is double-spaced.
    You should write the word “Abstract” centered at the top of your page.
  4. Don’t make your paper too long, 150-250 words is quite enough for an APA format abstract.
  5. Place a list of your keywords, if requested. The keywords are the word combinations which readers could use to find your paper in online databases.
  6. Proofread your work thoroughly and make sure you corrected all errors and fulfilled all requirements of your professor.

How to w

How to write an abstract for a conference

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If you have to present your paper at a conference, it’s important to create a brief abstract to make a positive impression. This may seem not so easy, but keep in your mind you have to be remembered by the audience, so your paper should work like a successful business card. The limit of this work is around 250-500 words; this is not too much, so you have to concentrate what things you should put into it.

Here are our tips that could lead you to success:

  1. Make your abstract extraordinary, interesting and unusual to attract people attention.
    Write your work with simple and well-understandable words. There is no reason to use any terms here, because you risk making your paper boring for listeners.
  2. Make sure you don’t make your work in the future tense. Try to create your paper clear and understandable.
  3. Explain to the audience the research of your work and tell your listeners what you’re going to do in your presentation.

And, this is a list of things you should avoid when writing your paper:

  1. Don’t put too many questions into your abstract, unless it’s a rhetorical question.
  2. Avoid jargon and keep your paper simple and straight. You’re on a serious event, not on comedy show.
  3. Make sure you don’t repeat things in your work. Just read the rough copy carefully and check if all sentences are logical and well-connected with others.
  4. Write straight about your topic, don’t jump into any broad things because it will only distract the audience from your paper’s goal. Be clean, clear and concise.

Of course, abstract writing is not a simple thing, so if you are unsure how to make this work, try to get help from the Internet. You can find tons of written papers and analyze what to include into your own work. You also can ask your professor about help in this. So, this should push you into getting some inspiration and receive some abstract ideas. And don’t forget to keep to the deadline, this is your own respect to the event, so take your time and don’t leave everything to prepare at the last night. Keep in your mind that your main goal is to present your work to the audience and stay remembered.

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How to write an abstract for a research paper

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Some people compare the abstract with a trailer for a movie, and this is quite a good comparison. This paper helps readers to get a short preview of the entire work and to give them understanding if they are really interested in viewing it. If you are questioning yourself how to write a good abstract, keep in your memory that you have to make a great impression on your readers and hook their attention. Without these things, your work won’t be popular. If you are going to publish your paper, remember that the first thing the readers could read is the abstract. So, you have to do your best to make it interesting. So, how to make your research paper abstract 100% effective? Follow our advice and try to create a successful work.

  1. Start working on the abstract only after you finished your work. Even this is a first part of your entire paper, it should be written last.
  2. Look through your introduction and conclusion paragraphs and select the major ideas from there.
  3. Pick up key facts from the Methods paragraph.
  4. Grab the major points from your Results paragraph.
  5. Then put the phrases received in 2-4 into a separate paragraph.
  6. Remove the information that is not necessary and make sure you got a logical text.
  7. Proofread your work and correct all mistakes: grammar, punctuation and logical.
  8. Make sure your paper meets all requirements (such as length, abstract type, subheadings, etc.)
  9. Revise it after the short break and we are sure you will be able to find and put some things to make your work more interesting for your readers.


Research paper abstract: help from real professionals

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