Structure of a 10 Page Research Paper – Head-First Approach

10 page research paper structure

How to structure a research paper was a matter of great concerns for students at all times. Different schools and colleges offer their own patterns, puzzling students and leaving them asking which paper structure is the one to rely upon.

As a rule, professors and instructors tell students which structural key to follow prior to giving out an assignment. If you were given no such instruction, then let’s try to solve these paper structure challenge together. In the end, you’ll see this isn’t that difficult at all.


Which components of research paper should I include?

ructure of a scientific paper usually includes 3 keystone components: Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion. Unless you’re writing a dissertation or term paper, where there’re more unites to them, you should always stick to this universal pattern.

Let’s look at the 10 page research paper structure. All in all, that’s 500 words a page (1-inch margins, 12pt font, single-spaced), 5000 words and approximately 22 paragraphs in total. Pretty heavy essay, isn’t it? Yes, it is, but with some of the professional hints and thoughtful approach to the assignment, you’ll be able to put a finger on a prompt fast.

How to figure o

How to figure out the structure of a research paper outline?

  • Paragraph
  • Paragraph
  • Main Body
    • Subheading 1
      • Paragraphs 1-6
    • Subheading 2
      • Paragraphs 7-12
    • Subheading 3
      • Paragraphs 13-18
  • Conclusion
    • Paragraph 1
    • Paragraph 2
  • This is the perfect paper structure that holds weight and lives up to up-to-date academic standards. It’s sustainable, allows developing a topic with a greater detail and keeping all the topical sentences and argumentation in check.

    Did you notice that Introduction and Conclusion are rather short sections of a paper? Moreover, Conclusion has to re-state what a thesis statement suggested in Introduction, which makes the two paper units quite similar in meaning and purpose. That’s why you might want to consider finishing off the two sections, Introduction and Conclusion first, then get to working on Main Body.

    Note that Main Body paragraphs should feature a focal sentence opening the paragraph and then supported with viable evidence based on quotes and figures. You might want to jot down these 18 topic sentences first and then flesh out throughout the text. What does a well-structured paper do? Right, it makes the claim regarding a topic and seeks to prove the position feasible. Your goal as a student is to step by step take the reader through every piece of evidence and argumentation until he deems your thesis statement and overall position correct. And that goal is to be achieved through Main Body, which is the key structural part of any paper and requires most of your time and efforts to accomplish.

    How a structure of

    How a structure of 10 page paper makes the difference?

    t an average structure of a 10 page English paper in the States, you’ll most probably see a hot mess. American students are creative and passionate, but more often than not they’re clueless regarding proper 10 page research paper structure, not to speak about a dissertation which gives them a real shocker. Some professors try to change the situation for better, sharing tips and giving students a chance to redeem themselves through revising their texts. But there’re those who simply evaluate a poorly structured paper with a lower score and call it a day.

    That being said, by mastering how to structure a paper well you can actually raise above the crowd and present yourself as a more prolific academician than the others. Although academic writing has little value in real life, it’s still essential for a great performance during college years. Professors like well-researched, written and structured papers, so by providing them with the exact kind of content they like will streamline your grades for sure. At the end of the day, essay structuring isn’t Rocket Science, it’s much easier and requires learning the basics only once.

    MLA, Chicago and APA paper stru

    MLA, Chicago and APA paper structure – which one to choose?

    itation styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian. Depending on whether you’re writing a text in Natural Sciences, Humanities, or the one aimed for publishing, you’ll have to stick to one of these styles. Does it affect the structure of a paper in general? No, the reference style only tells you how to format your Bibliography/Reference List section, as well as in-text citations. But the overall structure of a manuscript remains the same.

    What are 15 steps to writing a well-s

    What are 15 steps to writing a well-structured paper?

  • Understand all prompt requirements perfectly well
  • Get a strong grasp of knowledge in a suggested topic
  • Synthesize collected sources, take notes
  • Visit a local library, if the internet sources aren’t sufficient
  • Collect 5-10 relevant quotes to use in a paper to back up your points of view
  • Provide trustworthy data and statistics, if appropriate
  • Think through a structure of an academic research paper in advance
  • Write Introduction first, then focus on Conclusion
  • Give yourself at least 3 evenings to do the task
  • Write first, then proofread
  • If instructor meetings are scheduled, attend them, show paper drafts
  • Give someone else to read your paper and seek that person’s opinion
  • Use pre-written paper templates and in-text citation stencils to speed writing up
  • Use a writing service, if you can’t keep up with all the deadlines
  • What kind of assistance can I count on onli

    What kind of assistance can I count on online?


    • How to make a research paper example?
    • How to learn the APA basics in an hour?
    • How to proofread a text faster, better?
    • How to pick a strong topic?
    • How to organize your thoughts for writing a paper?

    Asking these questions, you might find yourself lacking time to produce a great paper! There’s nothing criminal in using someone else’s help writing a paper, especially when this person is a proven expert who knows his ropes. At some point, you’ll be too stressed and fatigued to carry on writing. Writer’s block is a serious issue for American students, too. What’s the best solution? Delegate a part or an entire assignment to a specialist who’ll help with a task at hand for a reasonable fee. But this is a one-time solution, knowing which units and blocks are there to be used in a paper is still a must.