The Best Essay Paper Format: APA Style Guide for You

Essay Paper Format - APA Style

APA stands for American Psychological Association. It’s a style of writing that is used for many academic types of papers. You can use this format for editing your essays, using citations in the text and making your paper readable. This format requires using some rules for:

  • The way the content is organized;
  • The style of writing;
  • The use of citations;
  • The preparation of the manuscript.

If you have one format that you should stick to, it will be much easier to edit the essay. It’s easier to perceive the text for the readers if they know what format is used for this very paper. If you use the style for 100%, you can show your skills and knowledge in the most efficient way.

You can use this essay paper format if you’re taking one of the following courses:

If you doubt whether to use this style or no, take a look at the journals and other student’s essays to see what style they use. And you will make the right decision about it. Or you can ask your professor about the use of the APA style in your essay.

APA format for essay paper

Top tips to use an APA format for essay paper with ease

Once you are sure that you need to write the APA essay format paper, you have to be ready to check everything to meet the requirements. This includes the choice of words, the visual look of the text and other little issues. We’re happy to give you the biggest list of tips in this article. If you know some of them, you can skip these and read only the ones you aren’t familiar with.

Using citations the right way

You can use an author-date way of making in-text citations. You should use the brackets where you will place the last name of the author, put a comma and write the year of the publication. This author name should also be present in the Reference list that you will put at the end of your essay. You can use this method to cite direct citations and some ideas and concepts indirectly. Use only capitals letters for all proper nouns such as the names of the authors.

Be careful with citing the sources, the APA style is different from the MLA format for essay paper. It’s forbidden to use someone else’s words or phrases without making a reference. It’s easy to detect and all professors know how to do it. There are a lot of online tools that can check your text for plagiarism, so it’s better not to play with the fire. You will provide a negative impression on the readers especially if they know the author of the words themselves.

Using bias or not using them

Some people use stereotypes when writing essays. APA paper essay format provides you with some recommendations to remove any bias from your text that is related to disability, race and sexuality. If your goal isn’t to offend the readers, you should always mind them. Using proper terminology can do only good for you and provide a positive impression on all the readers of your essay.

It’s better to avoid gendered pronouns in the text where possible. It’s better to avoid such phrases as “she or he”, “she/he” or the same phrases where the pronouns stand in a different position. What’s the way out? You should use more general pronouns that are used in plural. For example, you can write “they” or “their” instead. Of course, it’s worth paraphrasing the sentences to make them readable.

Using the right format

You need to type the text of your essay in any word processing application that you have. Should an APA essay format paper be double spaced? Yes, we always do that. Set the size of the paper as in the MLA format as 8.5 x 11 inches and the margin to be 1 inch. Use only one font for the whole paper to make it clear and readable. You can print the paper to see if it’s easy or difficult to read. It’s better to use 12th size of the font.

Use a page header and put it on every page of your essay if you have several of them. Make it look like a short version of the title of your essay. Make it short up to 50 characters with spaces. Make your essay consist of the title page. The abstract, the body of the paper and the list of references. Make them look similar with the help of using the right paper essay college format.

MLA vs APA styles

If you are used to essay paper MLA format, it won’t be too hard to make some changes in your text. The biggest difference between them is in the use of the right words. Formatting is mostly the same. We mean the use of spacing and margins, as well as the way your paper will generally look. The content of the essay can be slightly different as this style is mostly used for the courses of liberal arts and humanities.

If you have used the MLA format essay paper by mistake and you have to rewrite the whole essay, you will do it with ease. Just read the tips above and edit your essay. Pay attention to the way you cite the sources if you have any and the way you arrange the information on the title page. You can be calm about the use of the fonts and spaces as these two formats are almost the same. You can take a few days of rest and come back to editing with a fresh mind.

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