The design and implementation of Friendbook

Friendbook design

Today social networks are closely intertwined in our lives. A huge number of people actively use this or that website, make new acquaintances, create thematic groups, discuss pressing problems and share their impressions. A social network is a lot of advantages. First, this is a fast communication with relatives, friends living abroad, new acquaintances with foreigners, fast exchange of photos, videos, etc. In general, distances are reduced. Thanks to all the same social networks, our life becomes easier on the one hand and more exciting on the other.

Friendbook is a social network of a new generation with huge potential and opportunities. A person’s life is an unwritten book, and it is by filling out the pages of this book that a person lives. And how interesting this life is, you can tell yourself here by starting your book of life. Now finding friends will become easier and more interesting because you will be able to fully communicate, as well as give various ads on this website. You can earn points that will soon come in handy. For these points, you will be able to buy goods, provided by the site partners. This service is currently under development. And for starters, you can read the books of life of characters from the Kitchen comedy series. Friendbook first sounded in the 28th series of the Kitchen comedy. To date, this is one of the most promising social networks with evolving functionality and capabilities. FriendBook is a real book of friends, so you are welcomed to the new world of friends and their life books. You can start writing your life book right now, for this you need simply to log in.

FriendBook is an online service of personal blogs, here you can communicate, create clubs on interests, write your articles, advertise, lead photo albums and much more. The purpose of the website is to surpass the success of the similar social networks. Hurry to meet interesting users, this new social network designed to eclipse all other social networks of the world. Now you can easily find people with whom they once studied in the same class with which they lived in the neighborhood many years ago, etc. In fact, there are a lot of advantages of Internet portals of this purpose, but all this will be only spatial reasoning “about nothing concrete in general terms.”

The recently appeared social network Friendbook is still quite young, but, nevertheless, more than 3,000 people have already registered and become active users here. Of course, you can learn all the advantages of communicating on the Friendbook only after an independent experience, but it would be better to say a few words about the features of this resource. First, it is a great opportunity to make new friends, find like-minded people and expand your social circle. Secondly, you always have the opportunity to be aware of all updates to the site. Going to the News section, you will be able to see everything that was added to the network during your absence. Third, in addition to the usual functions of communication and exchange of various kinds of information, you can easily brighten up your free time for an exciting game. In the Games section, you can find many exciting games, as they say, for every taste. The Books section is for everyone, who enjoy reading stories from the life of both the participants themselves and stories about the ordinary people. If you want, you can write your story and share it with other Friendbook users. The site administrators have added a wonderful section Ads, in which you can find work, sell something, exchange, etc. Note, here you do not need to join numerous groups to view information, there is no need to wander through the search sections. Everything is extremely simple and convenient. The sections are highlighted in one line, which adds convenience to users.

Describing all the advantages and features of the site in one article is quite difficult. In any case, it seems to be interesting and exciting.