The Great Gatsby American Dream Essay

American Dream Essay

The American Dream is what everyone in the world dreams about, whether they have been to America or not. It is a concept which gives hope to people, to live in a country which offers a chance to rise ahead. The American Dream Essay needs to achieve this concept the best way possible.

American Dream is what people across the world believe in that anyone can be successful in America if they work hard enough, regardless of what race the person is in, what class they belong to, the gender or the nationality they represent.

The Great Gatsby is one such example, where America as a country gives opportunities to people who work hard. The opportunities to achieve fame, success, and prosperity are limitless in the land of hopes, America! Take a look at the plot of the Great Gatsby and you will have an idea about what exactly the essay about the American Dream should contain.

The Outline of the Great Gatsby

The first part of the body of the essay should explain the history of the concept. The first chapter in Great Gatsby gives a background of World War 2, which was a very difficult period in America. In this, the history of the concept is broadened.

The second chapter brings into question, characters and dreams of theirs. For example, George who wants to improve his professional life while Myrtle wanted to sort her personal relationship with Tom Buchanan.

The goal of Gatsby is mentioned in chapter three, with the main objective being the beautiful lady, Daisy. Chapter five portray the romantic affair of Gatsby and Daisy where they unite as lovers. This shows that the sought after goal is achievable even though it may seem impossible. The last few chapters, we rewind back to the past of the highlight of the story which is Gatsby, and how we went from rags to riches. A significance of the strength of getting what he wants, which for him was Daisy.

Conclusion of the Great Gatsby

However, in the ending of the Great Gatsby, it comes to conclusion that the American Dream is nothing but a concept which is achieved not just through hard work. It shows that passion and ideas end up hurting society in ways such as crimes, which people do to accomplish this beyond mentioned American Dream.

This very example of the essay on American Dream is interesting to read as it develops characters, places, dreams, achievements, success and the downfall. Readers will get absorbed into realizing that the American Dream is possible, but not everyone can get it and getting it the wrong way can hurt in the long run.

The main point in this story brings out the illusion of the American Dream but also state the hard-hitting truth. The Great Gatsby essay will give you credit for bringing out the ways people try to achieve the American Dream, what emotions people go through along with consequences of trying to reach the American Dream.

Interesting points to remember when writing the Great Gatsby American Dream:

  • Choose your favorite character from the Great Gatsby and explain the dream. Explain how that character tried to achieve it and how it was during that period.
  • You can compare your dream at this period compared to this character. This will help create a picture in the mind of the reader and make it very imaginative trying to show how American Dreams are made and how they differ from person to person and time to time.

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Is the American Dream Still Alive Essay

The essay on ‘Is the American Dream Still Alive’ will be more factual with plenty of quotes and examples. You have to connect the American dream essay thesis by analyzing the quotes and examples.

Bringing to light your argument with an example in real life is what would ideally be done in this sort of essay. For instance ‘An individual does not need to gain a college degree to gain success’ which can be supported by real-life people in America who never gained a college degree but are very successful such as the founder of Facebook ‘Mark Zuckerberg.’

The American dream essay should be argumentative but also enjoyable to read. Try to give backgrounds of famous American personalities which will help your reader connect. Pull your reader with a hook with interesting facts.


Examples of the American Dream

ngth of the American dream can be portrayed with other sources too such as A Raisin in the sun essay American dream. This story depicts how life is for an immigrant African American family who is struggling in poverty. It also defines the types of American dreams.

The story about the African American family signifies the struggles and hard work required to achieve the American Dream. You can compare this story for example with ‘My American Dream’ which will be your story and difficulties that may be faced if you try to achieve the dream.

Interesting points to remember when writing the American Dream still alive essay:

  • Write the academic paper describing a person you know who has achieved the American Dream and how they did it. You can title it ‘My American Dream Essay’.
  • Put in as many personal details about the person to show the struggle, and hard work put in; this will create an impressionable imagination for the reader.

Conclusion of th

Conclusion of the Thesis

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