Tips and guidelines for preparing a history research paper outline

History paper

Drafting and further writing of a history paper has many aims. Such papers:

– benefits for the development of students’ personalities,

– trains them in developing their own opinions, evaluative judgments about a particular historical event, and

– formulates value priorities.

A history paper verifies not only the author’s comprehension of historical events but also the ability to systematize the information, to present results in a free form, to percept the historical significance of events and phenomena. Don’t you know how to write a history paper? It’s not a problem. Look at the useful tips and advices below.

There are certain standards according to which the paper is being estimated. Based on such standards it is possible to underline several rules about writing a history research paper. It should be written in several steps and contain the following issues. You will need to:

  • use a few historical facts or phenomena;
  • provide insight into the notability of two and more historical characters during the estimated period;
  • explain the cause-and-effect linkage between historical facts;
  • provide the rationalization for estimation of relevance of that time period;
  • use in an appropriate way notions, terms, points of view and concepts with regard to the subject.

How to write a history research paper introduction in a correct form

The introduction is an essential part of a history paper. The reader makes the decision to read all the work after he/she got acquainted with the foreword. This part is justifiably the most difficult for many students, although it does not exceed one or two pages. Therefore, it is necessary to pay enough attention to the technology of writing a history paper introduction.

Don’t you know where to start? Do you wonder how to write a history paper introduction? At the first stage, you should decide about the historical event which you are going to write about and determine the specifics and features of that period. The good news is that there is a vast number of interesting history research paper topics.

Notwithstanding the foreword is the first element of a research paper, it is not necessary to start with it. A history paper can change much in the process of drafting, when even the wording of the topic can be corrected. And it means that the preface will also have to be rewritten since it must correspond to the main part. In a history research paper introduction, you should indicate and select relevant facts that correspond to the period and it observables.

What to pay attention to while writing a historical paper

In the studies, the student can use the data, which comprises historical facts and scientific-historic facts. By historical facts is meant factual information about events that occurred in history that were localized in some interval of time and at a certain region. Scientific-historic kind of facts is highlighted by historical theory which implicates the results of breakdown, conclusions and scientific opinions of certain scientists.

The choice of historical facts is an important part of your work. The student should be able to identify the most influential occurrences that arose within the period that is under a study. Simply listing facts without describing their essential characteristics and how they affected the course of history is inadequate. It is far-reaching to reflect the place of these facts in time and show their connection to other events if any.

Another one criterion of estimation is the ability of the student to analyze the agglomerated data, which consists of:

– the opinions of scientific figures,

– points of view on the evolution of events,

– versions of the description of certain facts in the works of predecessors.

The author should concentrate on obtaining general and in-depth theoretical studies of material in order to convey the objectivity of his or her judgments.

The way and the approach to the description of historical figures impact on quality of the student’s work. For sure, it is not enough only to make a simple portrayal of the historical figure’s activity for obtaining a high grade. The assignment requires explaining why the person was so significant in that period. In the process of describing you should rely exceptionally on historical circumstances and not only on your personal opinion.

Also, the student should be able to find and explain the causes and consequences of certain events. This part of the work is not that easy. The drawing of an appropriate conclusion of history project is quite a complicated mental work too. Some historical events raise new view points and facts, while the latter also create a network of new phenomena and actions. The researcher will have to conduct a very elaborated and comprehensive analysis of all parts of the historical facts’ chain.

An in-depth comprehension of the facts relating to the described period and their chronological progression plays a big role in the preparation of history paper outline. It should also be understood that several earlier events may be the cause of the occurrence of a fact. Therefore, in the process of presenting the information to the readers, the author must be able to disclose the whole logical chain of a certain phenomenon.

Avoid common mistakes

While writing the work, pay attention to the most common mistakes that students make during the preparation of a research paper outline template. They are following:

  • incorrect allocation of essential and less important causes;
  • substitution of cause’s disclosure by description of the fact;
  • description of the facts without comprehending the cause-effect relationships.

It is recommended to find out more about how to write a history paper through a research paper outline example of some respectable and competent scientists as well.

Important issues to consider for your paper

The structure of the introduction and the paper itself may be strictly regulated depending on the history research paper format. Based on generally accepted standards, it is recommended to consider the following issues in your paper:

  • formulation of the main problem that arises from the theme of the thesis;
  • substantiation of the choice of the work’s theme from many history research paper topics;
  • degree and background of the studying problem as a history paper stipulates a multi-page overview of the sources and works of predecessors;
  • performance of the goal of the work;
  • list of tasks that are facing you;
  • presentation of the main approaches that you will use in your paper research;
  • object of research implies a broad field of science, within which the examined problem lies;
  • the subject of the research is an integral part of the object that is subject to disquisition in its turn;
  • significance of the work: here you indicate for whom the obtained results will be of interest and how they can be applied in practice.

The conclusion of your paper is set to encourage to read further on the topic and, possibly, to find the results and opinions of the others. It should show the level of data presented: what has been done in this area before you? Whether further research is needed? The results of your work should correlate with the information outlined in the foreword. Otherwise, your paper will not seem integral to the readers.

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