Tips and Recommendations How to Write Game of Thrones Literary Criticism with Ease

How to Write Game of Thrones Literary Criticism

Among all papers and essays, a literary analysis seems to be the most complicated to write. Despite other pieces of writing, you are to read the materials (a book, a novel, a story), check the theoretical studies on these materials, in some cases even study the historical and political background, etc. Creating a good analysis presupposes working really hard and incorporating all your skill and knowledge. If you have never written a literary analysis before, you definitely have some concerns regarding the format, structure, and ideas that are to be included here. In this article, we are going to start with the definition of literary analysis, and give you actionable tips that will help you create a Song of Ice and Fire literary criticism that will deserve the better grade.

Why a Game of Thrones Book Review is Not a Literary Criticism

Game of Thrones Book Review

Many students when asked to write a literary analysis, write a book review. No matter how great it may be, in most cases, it’s not even accepted by the lecturer, as these two types of academic papers are absolutely different.

In a book review, you should not present your own vision or reflections on some events. You are to retell the events that are happening in the book or a certain chapter. The format and structure, however, are almost the same. You need to divide the whole writing into the introduction, main body, and conclusion, and format the whole paper according to a certain academic formatting type.

What Is a Literary Criticism and What Are the Main Types of It?

Main Types of Literary Criticism

Primarily, we would like to give you a definition of literary criticism so that you could understand how this type of paper looks like and what are the approaches to writing it. In fact, this is an argumentative type of essay. The material for this paper is always some literary work.

The biggest mistake that students make while working on criticism is retelling the course of events in the book. However, the analysis is a student’s interpretation of certain aspects relating to the story. Speaking about literary analysis Game of Thrones, we may define the following possible aspects of analysis:

– Analysis of the character (in A Song of Ice and Fire criticism the topic of the essay may be as following: “Bloody Snow: Analysis of Ramsay Bolton”)

– Viewpoint analysis (here, the topic may be “How did John Snow manage to become a King of the North?”)

– Setting analysis (here, the emphasis is put on how previous events affect the current state of matters. For example, “How Mad King changed 7 kingdoms”)

– Analysis of the structure or style (this is more a linguistic type of analysis still frequently used for literary criticism. For example, “Speaking names in Game of Thrones”)

– Analysis of symbolism (A good example would be “Game of Thrones symbolism: Melisandre as a symbol of the lost hope”)

No matter a theme and type of a Song of Ice and Fire literary analysis, to write a great paper it’s vitally important to use the evidence from the book to support your opinion. If you want to demonstrate some particular details, it will be better to cite than just to retell the descriptions given in the book.

5 Steps to Write a Perfect Literary Analysis

Perfect Literary Analysis

If you are wondering how to write a Song of Ice and Fire literary analysis, you won’t ever have such problems again. By following this simple guide, you will always know where to start and what aspects to take into consideration.

– Thesis as the cornerstone of your essay

When starting to work on the analysis, the theme or the topic is not enough. It’s important to go deeper and define the thesis or the main statement of your paper that will guide your ideas and will make sure that you stick to the point. A solid statement can fail or nail your essay writing; therefore you need to take it seriously.

Your statement should consist of 3 ideas that you will cover in your essay. Make sure that all of the are strong enough. You should also be sure that these ideas have enough arguments to be presented in your paper.

– Create a stunning introduction

The introduction to your literary analysis of Game of Thrones should be perfectly organized:

  • It should capture the attention of the readers from the first words
  • It must contain a thesis
  • It should give an understanding of what you are going to talk in the essay

It would be nice to start your paper with a joke or a quote, as this helps to catch the eye of a reader just in a moment.

– Writing the body

If you want to succeed with your paper, we would always recommend you to start with writing an outline for the main body first. In this way, you will be able to understand how to connect the ideas and messages in the most coherent and logical way and how to preserve your vision of the events by using proper arguments.

You will definitely fail with your essay if you start to use evidence and facts that do not correlate with your statement. Therefore, be very attentive while choosing quotes to use in your paper.

It will be a nice idea to use supplementary sources for writing a literary analysis. In this way, you can make your thesis even stronger by providing independent facts and evidence that speak on your behalf.

– Draw a conclusion

A conclusion of a song of ice and fire essay is the same important as the introduction and the main body. Stick to the main points that you covered in your essay, however never just repeat them. The concussion should be a preparation for your reader to make the following step, so make sure you reach such an effect.

– Check the basics

Focus on this checklist to make sure that you’ve created a decent essay that deserves an A:

  • The title corresponds to the content
  • The title is captivating and interesting enough
  • Avoid past tense
  • Try not to use personal pronouns
  • Use stylistic means and expressive devices. Metaphors and similes will make your essay stronger, however, make sure that you use them properly

Still Have Some Problems? Find Other Solutions!

help writing a book review

If you have problems with defining the idea for your essay, check cliff notes literary analysis of Game of Thrones. Here, you will find multiple literature notes that help you define where to start and what ideas to implement in your writing. Of course, it will help only in case you’ve read the book and have at least basic understanding of the events and characters.

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