Tips on writing a nursing essay

There are two the most common situations when people need to write a nursing essay. The first one is when you need to accomplish an assignment being a student of a medicine school. The second one is when you need to get a job or become a student. One of the requirements in such cases is a nursing applications essay. This article will help to choose the best topics for your essays.

Learn how to write a nursing school essay and application essay

When you have a task to complete a nursing essay, you should be very careful writing it, because it can be structured differently. Your essay can be narrative, persuasive, informative, compare and contrast and so on. There are some tips on writing a nursing essay that is very useful to know.

Writing nursing school essays

If you are a student of a nursing or medicine school, the knowledge of how to write a nursing essay is essential. The most important thing is to know how to pick the successful nursing argumentative essay topics and what structure will be the most appropriate for them.
Topic choice
When you need to complete a nursing essay for a class, it is necessary to consider a few factors to make the right choice of a topic.

  • Carefully read the requirements your teacher left you. Very often, they contain direct information or some tips that will lead you to the perfect topic.
  • Consider what topics you have studied or are going to study. One of the best choices is to present an essay on a topic was studied not so long time ago, or a topic that you will study.
  • Consider your own interests. If there are still too many topics and you don’t which one to pick. It is good to choose the one you like the most.
  • Consider the audience’s interests. If you know that this topic will be interesting to read for your classmates, it is a good reason to choose it.
  • Don’t choose too simple or too complicated topics. In the first case, your teacher won’t like that you have chosen such an easy topic, in the second case, you can fail to disclose it well.
  • Don’t choose too general topics. It will be difficult to disclose them fully.

The type of your essay also depends on the chosen topics. Not every topic will be appropriate for compare and contrast, persuasive, or nursing narrative essay. If you don’t have some certain requirements about essay type, you should choose the topic first and then analyze which type of essay will be the best in your situation.
Topics examples
Look through a few common and successful nursing topics to pick one or to come up with the topic on your own with the help of these examples.

  • How is critical leadership important in nursing?
  • Why is the role of the nurses more important for a recovery period of patients than the doctors’ role?
  • Contemporary nursing concept.
  • Home-based nursing;
  • What is necessary to become a good nurse?
  • Are nurses trained enough?
  • Are nurses less qualified than doctors?
  • Are nurses underestimated and underpaid?
  • Is euthanasia should be legal?
  • What should the basic qualities nurses have?

Writing nursing application essays

Nursing application essays aren’t something very common as school essays, but sometimes, the employers want to see from their potential employees a nursing career essay. They suppose that this can help to understand the person, who apply for a job, better. Usually, you will need to write an essay on some nursing topic or answer some question/questions in the form of an essay.
Topic choice
To choose a topic for a nursing management essay is easier than to choose it for a school essay. You will have the successful nursing topic if you pay attention to:

  • The given requirements. Very often the task contains the requirements about the topic. It can be general or quite specific, but it is still necessary to follow them strictly.
  • The interests of the company. It is essential to study how the hospital or company, where you are going to apply for, works. It is good to choose the topic that will be in the sphere of interests of this organization.
  • The job duties. It is possible to write the essay about the duties you will have and your point of view on them. If you had similar duties before, you can write about some experience from your job.

How to answer questions

There are some tips for answering college essay questions, and you should know them to succeed in writing an application essay.

  • Always carefully read the task. Sometimes it contains some part of your answer or a hint how to find an answer.
  • Identify the main points. Don’t start writing just after reading the task. You should understand the main points that should be present in your essay.
  • Find the data. If it is possible to use some material, you need to read and find the necessary information. If it is an exam, you need to find this information in your head.
  • Create the outline. You need to structure your nursing essay and the outline will help in this.
  • Create a thesis. This is the most important part of your essay. All other information should support your thesis.
  • Write your paper. When you exactly know what to write about, it is high time to begin to write.
  • Don’t forget to revise and proofread your essay. At the end, you need to check whether you have answered the asked questions.

Nursing essay writing isn’t that easy as you could think at the beginning. If you really want to have a good essay, it is beneficial to ask for help from the professional nursing essay writers.