The Crucible – Character Essay: Abigail Williams Essay

The Crucible - Character Essay Example

The Crucible - Character Essay Example

The plot of Arthur Miller`s play The Crucible unfolds on the events of the Salem witch hunt. This repression gives everyone the opportunity to shield themselves by accusing a neighbor or acquaintance of witchcraft. Old disputes, suspicions, envy breakthrough and become masked by moral categories.

The protagonist is Abigail Williams, who, for achieving her selfish goals, shows vile traits against mercy prescribed by the Bible. Sly, treacherous woman, lover of John Proctor in the past, accuses numerous inhabitants in satanism, including John`s wife. Abigail hopes that after people being executed, she will manage to marry him.

Jealousy and lust push her to desperate deeds. Betty confirms that Abby drank blood to kill John Proctor’s wife. Revealing facts provoke Abigail to lie and blame other people in order to hide her own unseemly actions.Hypocrisy and the ability to transform, allows her to avoid punishment. She blames the slave Tituba, that she forced her to drink blood. However, Tituba’s rivals have no weight and she mistakenly accuses other people of witchcraft.

Abigail takes the opportunity to divert attention from the disclosure of her affair and successfully imitates the divine insight. In an effort to justify herself, Abigail lies and panders without thinking about the cruel consequences for other people. Abigail Williams skillfully manipulates people. In the case of people involved in the ritual, she threatens them. If one of them utters a word, she will come on a dark night, and then beware cause she’ll settle with them.

In a conversation with John Proctor, Abigail appeals to his former feelings at the same time, complaining about his wife in the fact that Elizabeth’s cold, whining woman blackens her name. She demands, threatens and frightens the people around her to get what she wants. Her egoism requires the confirmation of own power over the situation.

A poor orphan, forced to work as a servant, determines her in the lower layers of the social ladder. After the murder of her parents by the Indians, she confesses that she is not afraid and ready to do whatever it takes. The feeling of power over her peers and slaves gives her confidence in controlling the situation.

Impunity and trust in her words in the court feeds on selfishness and authority. Exceptional cruelty causes dozens of deaths and allows her without a twinge of conscience leave the half-dead Salem.

Arthur Miller presents Abigail Williams as a character who has an unlimited ability to hypocrite and “reincarnate”. This character is an antagonist. From the first scene, she acts as the moving element of the plot. Pursuing selfish goals, Abigail provokes rumors, squabbles and strife. It forces people to act and reveal themselves as characters and to manifest their personal qualities.

However, in the end, she leaves the ruins and crippled lives of other people. In the end, Abigail gets the most authority and avoids the adverse consequences. Abigail clearly manifests her features and this is favored by more influential and secretive rulers to raise themselves above other people in the interests of personal gain.


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Iran Informative Speech Outline Essay

Iran Informative Speech Outline Essay

Iran Informative Speech Outline Essay

Many people have probably heard about such country as Iran. Those who are good at geography or adore politics know a lot about it. The others might have heard and seen some pieces of information from the news. Iran is a large Middle East country, which is on the minds of many politicians. There are many conflicts associated with the policy of the country. Some of them end up with the use of the weapon. Afterward, there appear victims as the result of those conflicts.

The country is actually big. Its territory equals the combined territories of several European countries. They are Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Thus, you already understand how big it is. It borders on 7 other countries. Its largest population groups are Persian, Azeri, and Kurd. The national religion is Islam. The major part of Iran’s territory is mountainous. It is believed that most economic difficulties of the country derive from this fact. However, the natural deposits of Iran are great, which gives it a favor and multiple advantages. Nonetheless, the economic promotion is lingered due to different factors.

Iran definitely “knows” how to attract the attention of the entire world. The country and its radical leaders are known for a huge tension with merely all its neighbor, especially Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. However, it has tense relationships with the Western countries as well. They are the European Union and the United States of America. The country leaders show an obvious and open opposition to the mentioned countries.

One of the major reasons for the open anti-Western rhetoric is religion. The religious confrontations are no novelty for the humankind. In the course of our history, lots of wars and armed conflicts were initiated because of the differences in religious worldviews. The thousands of years of such confrontations have rooted too deep into the minds of the new generations. Therefore, Christians and Islam followers create a great struggle.

This induces all kinds of problems amongst many countries that deal with Iran. The world’s attention is likewise drawn due to the nuclear issue. Iran is known for various natural possessions. Consequently, it gives the country a huge potential. One of the typical and undoubtedly, threatening issues is the desire of this country to possess its own nuclear arsenal.

It is worth mentioning that this country cannot develop its economic strength due to multiple sanctions. They were used as a heavy leveler against the nuclear program. This is the second factor after geographical issues. There is the third big factor. The variety of population groups inside the country creates the inner tension. This plays an essential role as well. The continuous struggle for the power inside Iran seems to tear it apart. How can any country prosper if its citizens oppose one another?

Iran is rich in oil reserves, which may open bright prospects and widen the horizons for the Iran nation on the global arena. Notwithstanding, its economic progress is hindered. The main factors are the geographical circumstances, international sanctions, and inner struggle. While there is nothing to do with the geographic issue, a lot may be done with other two reasons.

In order to succeed economically and enjoy a global advancement, the policy of Iran should be changed. It is important to stick to a new nuclear program. It should exclude the possibility to possess the nuclear arsenal. The second thing to do is to overcome political confrontations inside the country. Under the condition, both issues are resolved, Iran has all chances to reveal its potential in full and use its substantial natural resources to its maximum profit.


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25 Interesting Research Paper Topics

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