Unique Hints for Writing a 5 Page College Paper

According to the definition, a 5 page college paper is basically an essay with all applicable requirements and specifications. A good paper has Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. High school students are engaged in 5 page paper writing most of time, as it’s one of the most wide-spread assignments to date.

To produce a quality text, you first and foremost have to read a lot and do all homework in the course. Secondly, you already have to have pretty strong writing skills and prowess to draw up an A+ text. How to write a 5 page paper in 2 hours? That’s the question only a professional academic ghostwriter could tackle, or a really talented student looking to pursue a career in writing. The rest should dedicate at least a couple of evenings to carry out a profound topic research, think through paper structure and learn ins and outs of a required in-text citation format (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

5 page paper outline

Writing a 5 page research paper for one of your college subjects, you’ll notice it has plenty in common with the structure of a less complex text known as a 5 paragraph essay. Paragraph for your Introduction, three paragraphs for your Main Body, and one paragraph for your Conclusion. That’s how an average school or college essay looks.

5 page paper word count

As a rule, a professor will tell how many words are expected to be there in a paper. If no such instruction given, consider the following rule of thumb. Standard academic page with 1-inch margins, single-spaced and typed in 12 pt font has nearly 500 words to it. In case there’s a requirement to format the manuscript using double spaces, that would be 250 words a page. Let’s do the math, shall we? Five pages to a single-spaced paper will give you 2000 words total. Double-spaced will give you 1000 words total.

Will it be possible to write a 5 page paper in one day, then? With enough talent and solid writing skills, a savvy student will be able to produce a more or less acceptable paper the same day, yes. Still, experts advise to dedicated at least two days to work on a paper to secure the highest grade.

7 tips to make your 5 page paper better

  • Plan before you do anything – Well-thought outline for your paper will help save time writing the paper and altogether deliver a consistent text. Gather background data, analyze and synthesize collected sources, think where in-text citations would help make a point best, etc. Timing is also crucial. Dedicated 2-3 hours a day to work on a paper for the maximum efficiency. Stick to the writing plan and you’ll succeed!
  • Stick to the point – When a professor gives you particular topics for a 5 page paper to work on, don’t go off the trail trying to give more than you’re expected. Follow the beaten path doing the assignment fast and up to the mark. Do-it-yourself approach won’t cut it. Text will be pessimized, for sure. Unless a topic is free to choose, research the one a teacher gave you.
  • Don’t put it in a cold storage – Procrastination is student’s poorest friend of misery. The more you wait to sit down to work on a paper, the more haste builds up. That’s why so many students seek means to do a 5 page paper in 2 hours and achieve pretty shabby results more often than not. Best take your time, follow a head-first approach and do some deliberate writing without having to rush nowhere.
  • Use familiar sources – Within a course, you’ll be laying eyes on lots of great quotes to be used in both current and future papers. Jot them down to then use in new manuscripts and thus save time having to look up relevant citations from square one. Essays, compositions and simple college papers can do great with in-text quotes taken from previously covered textbooks, professors won’t stress over the fact too much, or won’t at all.
  • Get a 5 page paper example – Have you ever noticed that college authorities are obsessed with plagiarism and unique content from their students, while keeping to assign all and the same paper topics from year to year? But you can play this to your advantage. Internet has a bevy of writing samples to offer. Download sample essays, term papers or dissertations for free and see how other students have already aced tasks similar to those you work on at the moment.
  • Use templates – In-text citation formatting is a real pain in the… neck. Great thing is, today you don’t have to format the citations from scratch, there’re pre-build APA or MLA stencils to use as a ready-made solution. Browse the web and simply get the template that fits your prompt most. Will save you lots of time and nerve cells.
  • Consult a professor – Can’t figure out a certain aspect concerning a given topic? Need help with references? Don’t be afraid to ask a professor for help, if he’s not a complete shmuck, he’ll help, so would every devoted educator! And only in case an instructor in reluctant to giving any tips, or if he’s just not available at the time, only in such case consult the Internet and third parties.

20 great 5 page paper topics to get you inspired

  1. Is it right to make prostitution legal, as European countries do?
  2. Legal take on marijuana for medical purposes – Pros and cons
  3. Should we make the drinking age higher or lower? Explain your point
  4. Outlawing tobacco products is right or wrong?
  5. Is America’s waging war on terrorism truly justifiable?
  6. When animal testing will be finally banned?
  7. Exporting goods from countries using child labor is anti-human
  8. Do terminally ill patients have the right for euthanasia?
  9. Ethical side of posting lewd pictures on social networks
  10. Why parents put so much pressure on teenagers regarding college?
  11. Why the President of the country founded by immigrants takes away rights from immigrants?
  12. Pros and cons of online dating. Hidden pitfalls. College student tips
  13. Can incarcerated Americans still have the vote right?
  14. Reworking the American prison system – 5 changes imminent for too long
  15. Should abortions be legal? Or should it be considered a murder?
  16. Improving the learning curve with video games
  17. Why employees are asked to hide tattoos during working hours?
  18. 5 reasons why cell phones must be banned while driving a vehicle
  19. How I would’ve made Facebook user interface better?
  20. Why make all restaurants add calorie info on each item in a menu?

How to write a 5 page paper in an hour?

Imagine you have a 5 page argumentative paper due tomorrow. Time is really short, you’re in a great hurry but writer’s block has just stroke. What to do? How to organize a 5 page paper writing process to complete the text fast and still have some hours of sleep? There’re a couple of options available in such circumstances.

First and foremost, roll up the sleeves and start working! Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a B, or even a weak A. Not bad for a 2000-word paper done in an evening, huh? Still, could be better.

Secondly, there’s an option of getting an example of a 5 page paper and re-writing it pretty deeply to avoid any plagiarism related accusations. But in reality, such approach doesn’t work in most colleges, as professors are still able to detect re-write. Feeling confident? Do it at your own risk and peril, but please consider the final and best variant.

Delegate writing a 5 page paper to professional college ghostwriters. In less than 7 hours a new plagiarism-free text will be waiting for you in the inbox. Quietly and without any fuss, you’ll lay hands on a finely crafted paper done strictly according to the prompt. Moral aspect? There’s none, when deadline is burning and your grade in the course depends on the assignment. Play it safely and forget it happened, in case of a college emergency that’s perhaps the most optimal solution.

We hope our tips showed you how to do 5-page papers better, and our topic ideas helped generate some nice ideas to elaborate on within the scope of this type of paper. With the can-do approach and some worthy hints at hand you could do wonders!