University of Maine at Presque: Renowned, Respected, Prestige

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The history of this educational establishment extends back 115 years. The university is only 35 years younger than the city of its location and was established in 1903. Then-school named Aroostook State Normal School prepared future teachers. Now the university turns out specialists in many spheres including Arts, Science, Criminal Justice and so on. Sports here should not be left unmentioned. Today you will hardly find someone who has not heard about University of Maine at Presque Isle athletics team. So let’s break down the opportunities it offers!

Presque Isle Maine Uni Overview p>This university ranks 29th among the Regional Colleges North. The campus occupies the area of 150 acres. Every year around 1,400 students enter this establishment to study in 62 degree programs and certificates. The most popular programs are:

  1. Applied Science
  2. Athletics Training
  3. Education
  4. Physical Education
  5. Recreation
  6. Business Administration
  7. Liberal Studies
  8. Energy Development and Policy Certificate
  9. Project Management Certificate
  10. Women’s Studies Certificate Program

Consequently, University of Maine at Presque Isle majors reckon 22 Bachelor’s Degree programs and 7 Associate’s Degree programs. You can find complete list on the uni site.

Still, whatever you choose, rest assured that you will receive personalized, high quality and in-depth education as teachers dedicate a lot of time to one-on-one interaction with students. The very atmosphere here makes you crave for knowledge!

The U

The University of Maine Presque Isle division

as many sport teams and an official Owl mascot. Here much prominence is given to the athletic training as there are Bachelor’s and minor programs in this sphere. Hardly surprising, many sports teams achieve much success in championships. Owls Athletic Hall of Fame preserves all the cups and trophies. The number of teams is impressive: there are soccer, Nordic skiing and cross-country men’s and women’s teams. Women also have teams in volleyball and softball, and men have teams in golf and baseball.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle division is Division III. Thus, intercollegiate teams of the university are able to face more rivals and boost the level of performance even more.

UMPI is a member of the N.C.A.A. Basketball team here is quite famous and is named The Educators. This team plays in the Northeast College Conference.

University of Maine at Presque Isle baseball team appeared in 1940s first and currently it is, perhaps, the only college team that often plays all games on the road. There were the whole seasons played without home games. Maybe Umaine Presque Isle baseball team is not always triumphant, however, they offer a great opportunity to boost the level of performance and get a chance to be noticed by professional recruiters.

University of Maine at Presque Isle volleyball program is really attractive for both men and women as the price for the course is affordable – $7,300 in-state. Students also can get scholarship. It is given on the basis of the recruiting, so it is essential to start the process as soon and it is possible.


University of Maine at Presque Isle acceptance rate

educational institutions demand much of admission requirements. Hardly surprising, as they want to make sure that they gather the best applicants who can make great contribution to the campus and the institution itself. Here comes the good part about it. UMPI is rightfully considered lightly competitive. Pallid statistics states, the admissions rate here is 77%.

Here admission officers pay attention to several essential points:

  • GPA
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • Application

Required GP

Required GPA

ols provide information about minimum allowed Grade Point Average, however, fulfillment of this index is only a guarantee that your application won’t be rejected at once. Matching average GPA would be a sound solution. UMPI calls for 3.04 average GPA making the accessing point moderately competitive. So if you have mostly B’s you can pass. Of course, it is hard to improve GPA for seniors. In case if your GPA is lower than the average, then you can compensate it with high SAT or ACT score. Still, C’s and D’s are not welcomed. They may be considered the reason of not accepting you as admissions officers may believe that you won’t succeed in studies.

Required SAT/ACT

Required SAT/ACT

instructions about required exponents of these scores. Still, you choose whether to submit them or not. Admissions committee usually gives consideration to it in case if they need more evidence for their decision. And usually all students show their scores. Why not to take an advantage of the possibility to provide another reason stating that you may become a worthy asset to the campus?

UMPI’s required average SAT is around 1020 on the 1600 SAT scale.

Average ACT score is also noncompulsory data. Still, if you decide to submit your ACT, 21 and higher will be the most appropriate. According to the UMPI statements they apply students with 18 ACT or below, still, it will be harder to get through.

Writing requirements Writing requirements

iders writing optional. Thus you won’t have to struggle with an essay. As long as your application has average SAT and GPA scores, you will definitely enter the desired institution.

UMPI’s affordability

UMPI’s affordability

hed a new online degree program. The distinctive feature is “competency-based” approach to education. The new program will allow online business students to get their Bachelor’s degree at their own pace, choosing the course and number of courses according to the knowledge and skills. It will take less than $10,000 to complete the course.

In overall, all UMPI programs are really affordable. The prices here start from $5,000 making this institution among the most wallet-friendly providers of the education. In return, you get customized, efficient and interesting teaching, welcoming and home-like campus and great possibilities opened in front of you after the completion of the program.

Choose UMPI and be ready to get in-depth knowledge. Lightly competitive acceptance rate ensures that you will easily enter to the uni and choose the program that totally meets your requirements.