What are the Benefits and Hazards of Medical Marijuana?

Essay on Benefits and Hazards of Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana as a produced drug from hemp, in its pure form, is used to alleviate the health condition of patients with cancer and AIDS. Many patients of clinics prefer to smoke cannabis, so in their opinion, the effect is better and faster. But it is worth to note that drugs of cannabis do not have a high advantage over other drugs with the same actions. As a consequence, the hemp is assigned exclusively individually and as an exception. In the history, marijuana was used in various ritual cultures, as well as for medical purposes. But, like any other drug, smoking cannabis is addictive. The analgesic effect of cannabis was known for many centuries. As we know, back in the Ancient India of the second millennium BC, the hemp was used for anesthesia. Like many painkillers, cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties.

Smoking herbs get you intoxicated, but also bring you an amusing, and a relaxing effect, because of the impact of special psychoactive substances on the body. The hemp drug reduces an intraocular pressure, acting gently and very effectively. This is very promising from the standpoint of treating glaucoma. As a sedative and hypnotic remedy, marijuana exceeds the vast majority of modern drugs. It has an effect on the appetite. It is the lack of appetite, nausea, and anorexia that are the constant companions of the treatment of these serious pathologies. This direction in the study of the properties of medical marijuana use is very promising in terms of improving the quality of life of patients taking chemotherapy at the oncological diseases and AIDS. Cannabis positively influences for the processes of senile dementia. Our skin contains a variety receptors, apt to react positively to marijuana. It is already known that the hemp oil is effective for itching. It is possible that other skin diseases can also be curable with the help of marijuana.

This can be useful in rehabilitation after different kinds of stresses, as well as in the treatment of brain injuries. The ability of cannabis to inhibit negative conditioned reflexes is very useful during post-traumatic stress syndrome. It can be advised for people who have suffered after a catastrophe, which they cannot forget. An anticonvulsant effect of cannabis has been also proven. Very indicative are the cases of its use in the course of epilepsy, in which people may suffer from convulsive attacks dozens of times a week.

Marijuana was also tested for various rheumatic diseases. It is still at the study stage. Most likely, the positive effect of cannabis regarding pathologies is due to its ability to inhibit autoimmune processes. Studies of the marijuana effects are still on the go, but it is possible that hemp could fight against autoimmune diseases. Thus, the first successes in the treatment of a severe autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, were achieved. The cannabis significantly slows down the pathogenesis process. The good effect of marijuana was also obtained with another illness, an Alzheimer’s disease, which is considered as incurable at the moment. If it turns out that with the help of alkaloids, extracted from cannabis, we can reverse or at least stop many unwilling autoimmune processes. The solution of these problems will be a real revolution in the medicine of the future.

So, can marijuana be considered as a cure? The answer is yes and no. But the fact is that it affects the human brain. Marijuana is able to reduce pain in a sick body. When it is prescribed by the doctor, most important to not overdose with it. The consequences of using cannabis for human health have not been fully explored, and this fact depends on a number of factors and circumstances, such as doses and forms of consumption, biological age, general health conditions and environment, joint use of alcohol and nicotine, genetic predisposition, stable or unstable psychology and so on.