What are the effects of prolonged steroid use on the human body?

effects of prolonged steroid use

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The anabolic steroids are largely used for increasing the physical activity, as well as the muscle growth. Very often bodybuilders and athletes use steroids to enlarge their muscle mass. Young men, who want to look more attractive in the eyes of young girls, very often consume steroid supplements in a bulk. But they safe enough, as athletes think, to simply accelerate the muscle growth? How do steroids affect the human body and what are their side effects of prolonged use?

Steroids are biological compounds that are generally produced from the sex hormone testosterone and its analogs which have a very strong effect on the human body. Actually, more than 100 varieties of steroids are available in the form of tablets, injections, and food supplements. Chemists say that steroids, in fact, have a direct anabolic effect on the body muscles, but they surely have multiple side effects. That is, the hormones affect other organs and cause certain changes in them. Since these effects are not good, what are they? The research of the recent days shows that steroids can be definitely said that the long-term use of steroids in big doses causes a number of complications that can lead to the severe pathology and, in some cases, can be even fatal.

The prolonged use of these drugs causes the toxic effect. This effect, of course, depends heavily on the individual sensitivity, but the toxic effect is inevitable in the large doses. The higher the dose, the more likely the appearance of various negative effects. Most side effects are considered as temporary reversible, they disappear after stopping the use of steroid drugs. However, much more serious consequences of the use of steroids are possible, such as heart disease and serious mental disorders. Also, it should be noted that athletes who use steroids often acquire physical and mental dependence on these drugs. The fast achievement of the goal to obtain the muscle volumes, strength, and endurance is poisonous for the human health.

Our central nervous system is negatively affected. The consequences of taking steroid drugs in the first place affect the mental state and behavior of these people. The human brain reacts for the testosterone, which affects the normal functioning of the brain, providing an increase on the hormonal level. It causes changes in the brain activity similar to amphetamines and antidepressants. Along with the chemical effect, the psychological effect, caused by the excessive and long use of steroids, is usually related to the increased aggressiveness, violence, depression, and hallucinations. Moreover, the psychological dependence on the steroids is much more common than the physical dependence.

Since testosterone and steroids are hormonally active, it is natural to expect their influence on the endocrine system. Above all, the reproductive function of men is compromised. The high concentration of steroids in the body tissues for a long time leads to changes in the organs and decrease the amount of the sperm. In boys bodies, the anabolic hormones convert the process of metabolism, increasing the feminization effect. It is manifested in the behavior changes and in the increase of the fat accumulation. Women can suffer when taking steroids as well. In the result of the hormonal disorder, resulting in changes of the genital functions, atrophy of the uterus, menstrual irregularity, up to amenorrhea.

Most steroid drugs cause disturbances in the water balance of the body. An increase of potassium and sodium leads to water retention and swelling of tissues, and in the body weight. In fact, the excessive accumulation of water in the blood raise up the blood pressure and, as a result, increasing the risks of the heart attacks. So, bad effects on the cardiovascular system are obvious.

The kidneys take a huge load during of taking steroids. They filter and remove toxic components from our bodies. The high blood pressure and strong fluctuations in the water balance of the body can damage their functions for a long time. The favorable conditions for the formation of kidney stones are created. Some sportsmen experience darkening of their urine, sometimes with the blood in it, during the consumption of steroids. Among athletes who use steroids, the cases of kidney tumors were registered.

The human liver provides detoxification of all noxious components entering the human body, as well as the destruction of a number of substances, formed in the body. Focusing on neutralizing the bad effect of overdosing by steroids, it can simply not cope with this task. The result will be the liver pathology. Many athletes suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, attacks of nausea, and bad feelings in the stomach. It may cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Changing in the water and fat contents of the skin results in the loss the skin softness. It is also manifested in the appearance of acnes. In men, acne often occurs on the back, shoulders, and face. In many cases, there is a formation of bald patches on the head and a general thinning of the hair.

Many sportsmen take steroid in combination with other drugs. This is done for the purposes to avoid bad side effects and better prepare for the competitions. Often, athletes try to win at any cost and are ready to take any drugs just to succeed. However, combining pharmacological drugs even under the strict medical control is extremely dangerous, and such experiments can easily lead to serious consequences up to the death.