What are the risks of artificial tanning or prolonged exposure to the sun?

 the risks of artificial tanning

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It is generally accepted that the sun is not just a source of the light and the heat, but it also serves as one of the oldest cures for humans. Sun rays give life to all living on Earth, the light from the sun is necessary for people and in usual doses enables to activate metabolic processes in the body, improve blood pressure, increase stress resistance, and simply cheer up. Many people think that sunbathing means strengthening their health, but many contemporary scientists more often express that sunburning is harmful to the human health. This theory is confirmed by numerous studies that have been conducted, which makes us put the usefulness of the sun rays in doubt. However, not everything is so clear in this matter.

The fact that the sun is vital to the human body, no doubt. However, an overabundance of the solar ultraviolet radiation can undermine the defenses of the body and even eventually lead to death, that is, the sunburn, obtained under the sun rays, may harm the human health. What are the useful and harmful properties of the sun’s effect on a human body?

Facts about the Positive Effects of the Sun

The effect of sun rays on the skin in moderate doses is beneficial. The cuts and small wounds are healing faster, the amount of acne decreases, that is, the sun rays have a definite antibacterial effect. Sunlight activates the production in the body of such important substance as vitamin D. This vitamin strengthens the immune system, removes heavy metals from the body, strengthens bone tissue, and also affects a number of other positive processes in the body.

The serotonin hormone in the human brain, which performs numerous physiological functions and exerts the most important influence on various positive processes in the body, improves our mood and our sexuality. Under the influence of the sun, many processes of our bodies begin to pass more actively. The sun rays allow to excreting from the body some harmful substances, replacing them with other components, needful for the human being.

The benefit of the sunburn is also expressed in many other facts. For example, it is believed that it can reduce the risk of the stress and the heart attack. Under the influence of the sun, the body’s cells are regenerated and renewed much quicker. Some skin diseases can become an indication for sunbathing, tanning in moderate doses allows you to destroy various bacteria, that are afraid of sunlight. It is noticed that people living in areas where sunlight is all year round have healthier skins, stronger white teeth, their bones are not so fragile, and their body is not very prone to colds. People who are not lacking in sunlight are always cheerful and cheerful, sociable, have a strong immunity. However, sunlight for these happy people is only one of the components of their healthy lifestyle, there is also an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, mild climate, and fresh air.

Harmful Effects of the Sun

The excessive enthusiasm for sunburning can increase the likelihood of the skin cancer diseases, such conclusion was made by researchers at the end of the 20th century. Now experts call about 30 different diseases that can be developed or continued in their progress under the influence of the sunlight. The excessive doses of the ultraviolet are harmful to health, it can cause quite severe illnesses, ranging from skin diseases and ending with diseases of internal organs.

Millions of people are sunburning, trying to improve their appearance. In countries, where due to the climatic characteristics, there is not very much sun, the solariums with the artificial sun rays became extremely popular. Indeed, a tanned body seems more attractive to us. In fact, tanning became fashionable not so long ago, only in the middle of the last century. Before, it was considered undesirable because it was a sign of the low social origin. It meant physically working under an open sky. Perhaps, tanning will soon go out of fashion, face to its danger to the human health.

Indeed, the prolonged exposure to the sunlight significantly accelerates aging. Also, the sun rays are dangerous to our eyes. The light from the Sun is a strong current of radiation and it is quite easy to get a serious burn while staying in the sun for a long time, leading to the disorder of the body thermoregulation and loss by our skin the ability to perform protective functions. This way, the risk of the skin cancer, also called as melanoma, is very high. Many people are mistakenly convinced that special creams and lotions can guarantee a solid protection them from the harmful effects of sunlight.

In general, before you go to rest on the sea or go to the solarium, you need to consult a doctor. We all have a different individual sensitivity of the skin to sunburning. People with high blood pressure, with the liver and heart diseases, with tuberculosis, should be extremely cautious about tanning. Also, doctors do not recommend sunbathing to pregnant women, because they develop a hormone that creates a pigment-activating effect, as a result of which brown spots can appear on the face.