What is the Difference between Research Paper and Argument Essay

Difference between Research Paper and Argument Essay

Mixing the definitions of different types of paper can make you do unnecessary steps of the research or writing too much text or vice versa. If you know what you have to write, you will no problems with the task. But if you are not sure for 100% if you understand the assignment, this article is for you. We’ll consider what an essay is and how it differs from a research paper.

Are you ready for a great battle of a research paper vs essay? An essay is a piece of writing where you can state your own thoughts and opinions. It can be either formal or informal depending on the course you’re taking. It can be descriptive or argumentative depending on its purpose. It can be your personal interpretation of the book you have read or the movie you have seen. It’s usually short, but there can be some exceptions.

The research paper is an academic paper that is more formal than an essay. You cannot state your personal opinion about the topic. You need to use primary and secondary sources to express all the arguments and provide a thorough analysis of the problem. Your goal here is to conduct a research and analyze the sources.

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Different steps in writing research paper and essays

Once you get the task from your professor, you should define what type of paper you have to write and what steps you have to take to get the best result. What is the most important difference between a research paper and a simple essay?

It’s mostly in the length of the text. A standard essay consists of five paragraphs. A standard research paper consists of about eight pages. There are more differences and similarities between these two types of papers, so scroll down to see more.

The purpose of the paper

When you’re writing an essay, you have to present your writing skills from the best side. You learn to build up a logical structure of the text and present your thoughts. When you’re preparing a research paper, you need to demonstrate the ability to do the research, analyze the sources and sum up the information in your text. Your goal in both cases is to provide arguments, but the difference is in the sources of these statements.

What’s more complicated?

What’s the difference between an essay and a research paper if we mean complexity? Writing a research paper is a more complicated task as it includes taking more steps and a more thorough investigation of the topic. Here are the steps in writing a research paper:

You will have to take the following steps to write a standard essay:

Components of the papers

There are different types of essay, but most of them have one structure that consists of the introduction, the body and the conclusion. You should start with a hook sentence to make the readers interested in your text and finish the first paragraph with a strong thesis. You will provide three to four arguments in the body part and you will sum up your thoughts in the conclusion.

A standard research paper should contain an abstract, an introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion and a reference list at the end. The first paragraph or page is a short summary of your work without stating conclusions. Your introduction and conclusion will be the same as in the essay. But the difference between an essay and research paper is that you describe your research in the method and results sections.

Content of the two paper types

A college research paper should contain formal language and no anecdotes or funny stories. It would seem weird. You can use these things and other non-formal sections in your essay to highlight some key points in your story. You cannot state your personal opinion towards anything in the research paper unless you have strong proofs from reliable sources.

Essay writing for research paper is expressing your visions and your attitudes towards some major problems. You can use various means to support your words. You can use citations or examples from real life. If you want to support any statement in the research paper, you should only rely on the books and articles that were published by the experts in the field.

The final battle: an essay vs research paper

Writing an essay can be considered as a much easier task to do that writing a research paper. You can agree or disagree to this statement and you will probably change your mind every time you get a new task. Each type of the paper has its hard sides that may turn an easy task into a horrible experience especially if it’s your first try.

You can even confuse all the definitions and write research essay paper at once. Don’t worry if you get these two tasks at the same time. They’re different, so you will have to write them at different period of time. If it’s impossible, do your best not to mix them and avoid any misconceptions in your texts.

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How to get help with writing the paper?

If you feel any troubles about the difference between a research paper and argument essay, you can always ask experienced authors to help you with your work. All you have to do is to provide the writer with the type of the paper and its title. You can get help at any stage of writing from doing it from scratch to only editing and proofreading your work.

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