What’s Definition of Synthesis Essay and How to Write It?

What Is a Synthesis Essay?

According to a synthesis essay definition, the paper is written to build up insightful connections. They represent the relationships of different pieces of the book or even different books or other things. To get a high grade, you should provide a research on the given topic, discover the connections that you can prove with the reliable evidence. A synthesis essay isn’t a summary of the text. It’s a chance to develop a new approach and a new vision of well-known facts. You synthesize the data from the sources and build up an argument stating new knowledge.

Choose a narrow and specific topic because it’s almost impossible to write about everything in a short text. A thesis should be precise and it should represent the most important point of the paper. A synthesis essay structure requires stating a thesis in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. If you have many resources where you can take the information from, take only little parts of them or lower their number. Organize them according to the number of arguments you want to use in the paper.

How to write a synthesis essay outline?

Be careful when choosing the topic for the paper. As you know from the definition of synthesis essay, the topic should be debatable and you should develop some new knowledge about it. If you write that excluding junk food from your menu will make people healthier, it will be not a very good choice.

There are too many sources of such information that prove this statement and most of the readers will agree with it without any interest in reading your paper. A reader should be interested in reading every line of the text of the synthesis essay.

Examine the topic

Your task is to find connections. If you have enough time for thinking, you can take several topics about the things that have nothing in common at first sight. You will surprise the readers if you find the proofs of the connections that no one has ever guessed about.

Choose the topic according to the type of the synthesis you plan to use: argument, review or explanatory types. You can look for synthesis essay prompts about the topic ideas or you can write about the things that really matter to you.

Examine your sources

In case you’re preparing for the AP test, you will receive the sources for the synthesis essay. In all the other situations, you will have to search for them on your own. You need to find at least three various sources that can give you enough proofs for every argument that you want to state. The sources can help you state the thesis that will become the main idea of the paper. You should state your opinion about the topic and place it at the end of the first paragraph.

Make the outline of an essay

If you don’t know how to start a synthesis essay, start it with the outline. It looks like an extended plan of the text where you can make notes on most important things and divide the text into separate paragraphs. You should be careful with the structure if you’re taking an AP test. Start the essay with a hook that will grab the reader’s’ attention. The next thing should be the problem you want to discuss and finish the introduction with the thesis. Include one argument into one paragraph of the body and sum everything up in the conclusion.

Write your first draft

You can write the text following the structure of the outline. However, it often happens that new ideas come to mind in the process of writing or you can notice that some arguments are too weak. You can come back and improve the outline or you can go on writing until the last line. It’s not necessary to start with the introduction, you can write it at the end after the conclusion. Don’t write any sentences with “I think”, use other phrases to indicate that’s your personal opinion. You can use a passive voice instead as well.

Proofread the paper

Most of the students skip this step and they forget about the text after writing the last line of the text. However, some spelling and grammar mistakes can spoil the overall impression from the essay. Writing a synthesis essay shouldn’t finish with a simple reading of the text. You should put the essay away for a few days and come back to it in some time.

What you need to pay attention to is how strong the arguments are and whether they correspond to the thesis and the topic of the text. You should define how evident the outcome of your synthesis is. Don’t be afraid to make changes in the text if you want to get a high grade. One reading should be devoted to correcting the errors. You can also read the essay aloud to use all the senses of perception.

Order a synthesis essay

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