Write College Papers: Examples and Tips

Write College Papers

What is college level writing?

Being a student is tough enough to be bothered with numerous essays that a freshman is obliged to go through. Even if you’ve always received only A+ for your essays at high school, it doesn’t mean a thing when you are in a college. Because the requirements for a college papers format go beyond a 5-paragraph school essay, especially for Humanities students.

The faster you understand the peculiarities of college essay writing, the faster you can adapt and get, if not straight A’s, but, at least, decent grades for your obligatory academic written works. If you keep sticking to the writing techniques used during your high school years – try forgetting them. The thing is that all of them are not flexible or “smart” enough for a college. First and foremost, you ought to analyze any college papers examples offered by your teacher or ask for the examples from more experienced students. You will definitely notice the changes between your school essays and academic works. All these differences can help you comprehend what makes “academic writing”:

  1. Scholars write for scholars – this is the main thing to remember about an essay format for college. Being a first-grader already means that you belong to the community of scholars, engaged in disputes and writing awesome ideas that can help other scholars research the interesting topics on your favorite subject.
  2. College essays are mostly dedicated to the questions that are open for a dispute in the current scholars’ community. That is why it’s essential to find a relevant and attention-catching topic for an essay. Consider listening to your professor’s suggestions and review a couple of examples of college writing assignments when selecting the topic. You may understand what topic can be interesting for the further research and what topics are too wide/narrow to investigate.
  3. An academic written paper must include, at least, one informed argument. These arguments based on your own thoughts must be proved by evidence. If your essay can’t inform the audience with new research facts or fails to give any arguments for a dispute, prepare to get a bad grade and the reason for an essay revision.

college research paper example

Analyzing a college research paper example to understand an outline

Let’s presume you have chosen the topic that you are interested in. The next thing you must do is to consider the audience that will read your work. Try putting yourself in your reader’s place and write the ideas and facts that he or she is likely to find out when reading your essay. Ask yourself if your essay’s aim is controversial, entertaining or informative. Then you need to figure out how to reach your reader’s mind and heart. The safest way is following an informative stance that most professors who grade your essay prefer.

Also, if you check any college level essay examples, you will notice the direct outline:

  • Introduction must accomplish 2 aims: declare the argument and have the ongoing conversation about the essay’s topic;
  • A declared thesis sentence of your paper work must appear at the end of the introductory paragraph;
  • Supporting paragraphs – they should convince the stated arguments and organized in the format of your paper;
  • Conclusion – any research paper requires a proper conclusion that should not only sum up but also leave a reader with something to think about. But, at the same time, you need to avoid preaching or imposing your opinion. According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essay, a conclusion should be short, informative, summarizing and analyzing the whole work, giving the sense that you have finished writing a long and interesting research work.

college level essay format

How can you adhere to the college level essay format: professional tips

Check any college level essay examples, and you understand that the good ones go beyond the right outline and the common requirements. In order to surpass the average essay level, you may consider following the tips suggested by expert essay writers:

  • Trust evidences not your “guts”. It’s essential if you are passionate about the topic and have your own opinion. There is no a place for it in the academic research paper or essay;
  • It may be a good idea to include in your work the personal pronouns like “you” and “I” but try not overusing them. Also, opt for limiting any gendered pronouns unless you are writing about the author or book’s character;
  • Stick to the suggested or require citation style, like the APA and MLA styles;
  • Revise or proofread your essay a few times in order to avoid any mechanic errors and misspells. It is better to use the professional services for this purpose;
  • Never extend the paragraphs over one page in length and make sure they are longer than 3 sentences;
  • Never include into the ending of a clause/sentence with a preposition like “She didn’t know how to help him”;
  • Avoid any value-words words like “ weird, odd, interesting, normal, bizarre, intriguing, bizarre” unless you can explain the context;
  • There is no place to universal statements like “everyone likes Harry Potter” (well, not everyone does);
  • Punctuation should be included inside quotes;
  • Opt for avoiding abstracting words like “being”, “having”, or “going”;
  • Never assume that you know what your audience thinks about the arguments in the essay. Don’t try being a mind-reader. Avoid the phrases like “we feel happy after reading this paragraph” or “the author makes us feel happy”;
  • Consider using more linking words in lengthy sentences like “and”, “that’s why”, etc.

5 common mistakes should college students avoid when writing an essay:

– Never select a topic on random. 95% of students do this and, as a result, have to revise their works over and over again;
– Never choose a topic that is not interesting for you, because it is harder to write about the things you don’t like or know;
– Poor introduction can destroy the whole work. Think of your essay as an oral presentation and the introduction must capture the audience’s attention. It should be short, understandable and easy to read;
– Illogical paragraphs in the body. The reader who is not aware of your research must fully understand the thoughts and ideas you are using to prove your point of view;
– No conclusion. This is another common mistake. Most students write it wrong. Don’t include new facts. Summarize and analyze the already given thoughts.

using professional essay writing services

Benefits of using professional essay writing services

Save your time and ask for help from professionals

Even if you have always written your academic works on your own, sometimes the first year of a college can be so challenging and demanding that you can’t do without a professional assistance. Especially, if you don’t want to get a low grade. In this case, appealing to the experience and knowledge of top-notch essay writers (among whom there are many professors knowing the requirements for a college essay format from A to Z) may save you from many revisions, nerves, and useless efforts. If you are struggling with your first academic written works, don’t hesitate to use such services, they can show how to write an exemplary college essay.