Writing a Research Paper: Definition, Terms, and Tips

The Right Research Paper Format

When you think about a research paper, your imagination can draw a sad picture about working with dozens of books, journals to find at least something that relates to the topic of the paper. The picture will change if you pick up the topic that will be of high interest for you.

Writing this kind of a paper is not just collecting pieces of information from different sources, you have to analyze a perspective or argue the point. Your task is to show your thoughts that are supported by the reliable sources. For example, if you’re writing about a historical event that happened little time ago, you can organize interviews with the eyewitnesses of that situation.

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What is a research paper? It’s an expanded essay that shows your personal arguments and evaluation of the case. You write not only about your observations and your thoughts but you also mention what other people write about it.

You don’t have to invent anything new. You just need to find a new view on the situation that has been investigated before. Use the guidelines provided by your teacher or the tips that we give you below on this page to write a good paper.


Tips for writing a research paper

you already know, according to a research paper definition, it is something more than a summary of primary and secondary sources of information. It’s not an interpretation of a book or a piece of the text. Your purpose of writing is to research the topic and evaluate the sources that you’re using for this.

You should inform the readers why this topic is important, how well it’s discussed in other works and find out a new perspective on it. There are two main types of research papers that we’ll take a look at below.


Argumentative research paper

with the research paper introduction where you tell the reader about the topic you’re going to discuss in the text. You inform them how important it is to investigate it and you finish this part with a thesis. It will be very difficult to state the thesis on the topic that cannot be argued.

For example, everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, so writing about it will not give you the chance to score any points for the introduction. A good topic is the one that’s controversial and you can state your point of view in the thesis making the reader get interested in it. Make sure you have enough sources to support your thesis in the body of the text.

Analytical res

Analytical research paper

this kind of a text with a question to grab the reader’s attention. According to MLA research paper format, you don’t have to persuade the reader to make decisions or come to specific conclusions. You only need to make the analysis of the sources with an interpretation of the thoughts of experts in this field. It’s ok if you write down the thesis after you look for enough evidence that can support your views on the subject. You can also stay neutral about the topic discussed. You can even avoid stating your personal opinion about the topic.

Writing the research

Writing the research paper

o many facts about how to start writing or where you can get the information about the definition of research paper. We want you to start thinking and removing all unnecessary thoughts about any things that don’t relate to the paper. How to do a research paper?

You can start anywhere, even if it’s a conclusion. Make the outline for research paper to divide a big piece of the text into smaller ones and begin at that place where you have enough sources of information. Check whether you have enough time before the deadline so that you will have the chance to incorporate the little texts into a big research paper.

Printing the paper

Printing the paper

h the text, we advise you to print it and put it away for a while. You should feel motivated when you start reading it. If you feel tired, you won’t notice mistakes or you can thing they are not important. You may think that we give too obvious tips, but we know many cases when a good analytical paper provided a terrible effect because of the improper structure of sentences and tons of mistakes.

Take a pencil and a highlighter to work with the text. Make notes if you want to change something or highlight the most important parts of the text. One more thing is using complicated terms without the explanation. There’s no need to write about everything and explain every single word, but be careful with the ones that are rarely used.

Good research paper topicsGood research paper topics

od or a bad topic for the paper? Usually, you own a limited time for this. If you know that you’re going to write the analytical paper at the end of the term, you can ask your professor to give you the list of the topics if it’s ready.

If you haven’t done this, you can ask to give you a few days and several topics to choose the one that you will find enough resources for. If you aren’t allowed to do this, ask the professor if you can paraphrase the topic or add any specific details to it after you examine primary and secondary sources of information.

Tips don’t work and you can’t write

Tips don’t work and you can’t write the paper

heory well but you can’t implement it in real life. If you have any problems with writing the analytical paper, it doesn’t mean you can’t study in college or you’re a bad student.

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